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Custom love songs by David DeCouto

Songwriter David DeCouto will write you a beautiful and unique gift, a custom love song, a gift like no other. The ultimate luxury. Timeless, beautiful music, exclusively for you and your loved one. 

Passion-engineered opulence. 

David DeCouto is a composer with a commitment for perfection. He leverages this commitment to create custom love songs of unparalleled beauty for people of discerning taste. Allow him to help you celebrate your special love in a wholly unforgettable way, with a musical heirloom that you and your loved ones will cherish forever. 

David has compiled over 300 copyrights during the course of his career, across a wide range of styles -- from pop to country, rock to Broadway-style ballads -- and he brings this wealth of experience to every custom love song that he creates. 

Each one of David's unique songs comes personally gift-wrapped in a customized CD jewel case, and includes a framed copy of the lyrics, an electronic MP3 of the song (for easy sharing), as well as a box of handcrafted Jacques Torres Chocolates.

Contact David today to commission your original custom love song.

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