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Custom love songs by David DeCouto

Songwriter David DeCouto will write you a beautiful and unique gift, a custom love song, a gift like no other. The ultimate luxury. Timeless, beautiful music, exclusively for you and your loved one. 

The process of creating your custom love song couldn't be simpler.

The first step is to call or email David today, so that he may conduct an in-depth interview with you -- to gather all the details he'll need to create highly personalized lyrics for your song. Before setting them to music, David will give you the opportunity to review and approve them, to ensure that the words accurately and completely reflect your story, and your wishes for your song.

With the lyrics approved and the music composed (in whichever musical style speaks most directly to your heart), David will then record your song in a world-class studio -- either in Cambridge, UK, Nashville, TN, or Phoenix, AZ, depending upon the requested arrangement -- to create a professional, radio- and CD-quality recording that you and your loved ones will treasure forever.

Turnaround time for your song -- from the initial phone call to the song arriving gift-wrapped at your door -- is 45 days. Due to the exclusive nature and time-intensiveness required to handcraft each song, production is limited to a maximum of only two per month. So contact David now to go over pricing and scheduling.

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